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Suryia is a prototypical example of a tailmouth naga.

A Tailmouth naga, often spelled Tail-mouth naga or simply Tailmouth, is a subspecies of Naga/Lamia, best known for having a snake head for a tail (as apposed to the common snake tail for a tail). Depending on the character, the tailmouth's tail can act just like a tail, or can harbor intelligence. The species deign was created by artists Jakuhaienzeru.



The size comparison of a tailmouth naga compared to other mythological creatures.


Though the size of the tailmouth varies by age, they are roughly larger than a normal naga.



Sexual anatomy of tailmouth nagas.

Just as in all species of Earth, tailmouth nagas come in two genders (male and female). Though unlike humans and other nagas, the tailmouth has has developed a protective layer of scales to protect their sexual organs. This "protective layer" is also useful for censoring the naga from others.


The most noted part of a tailmouth naga is its tail. Just as the name suggests, the tail of a tailmouth looks like the head of a snake. However, the characteristics differ from snake and tail. Besides a few added features, there is no brain and no eyes. However, a nose, mouth, and tongue are found on the tail. Scenes from the tail are transited to the brain in the torso, so there are two mouths, noses, tongues, ears, etc.

Though there is no brain present in the tail, some tails have mutated to the point of sharing intelligence from the only brain. In short, some tails have a mind of their own. though intelligence of the tail differs from individuals. In the case of Vega and Deneb, the tail has developed the intelligence of a dog or a child. However, there has been reports that the tail can take enough control to be at the same intelligence as the host (e.g., Yelkavic and Stalin).

The biologically advantage of having a mouth for a tail shows some superiority to other nagas. The most noted is that the mouth of the tailmouth can consume prey faster than the torso. Just like a large snake, the jaw can unhinge and stretch their jaws wider and more efficiently than the torso's mutated ability to unhinge and stretch their jaws. The tail of the tailmouth is even big enough to swallow the torso in a matter of seconds. Though the ability to unhinge and stretch their jaws is becoming vestigial, this ability is still part of the torso.

Noted tailmouths

Name Gender Player Description
Feign Male Feign Also human
Jaku Male Jakuhaienzeru [1]
Jewel and Star Female BleedingTakun Shy pre-teen [2]
Mitts and Gizmo Female AheadTaro [3]
Suryia Female Jakuhaienzeru [4]
Tamara Female Tamara Furry tiger [5]
Vega and Deneb Female Eurodex Russian teenager
Xzera Female Blackmage20 [6]
Yelkavic and Stalin Male DecepticonBarricade Scottish gothic Teenager [7]
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