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Zippadee is a female Catgirl born and raised in Egypt. She had was burned alive by evil people, in which she became a "zippocat". She has vowed herself to get revenge on those who harm the innocent, using her powers to invade people's dreams. Zippaddee was a normal catgirl living in the suburbs of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. At the age of 16, she was kidnapped by strange men who tortured, raped, and then burned her alive. Zippadee still doesn't know how, but she came back from the dead. Her face was melted; her tail, hair, and ears were burnt; and she seemed to develop supernatural powers. She how had the ability to go into people's dreams and even kill people in their dreams. She had been given the powers of Freddy Kruger. But unlike Kruger, she vowed to use her powers for good, by protecting the innocent by killing the evil.

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A slime girl has noticed Vega and Deneb just slithering around, and wants to get a closer look at them. I guess she got a little too carried away. Don't worry, the slime girl doesn't have anything else in mind other than getting Vega all gooey and slimy. I don't think she is that interested in Deneb, who is apparently all clean.

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Wheaties Cereal Commercial 1986

Wheaties Cereal Commercial 1986

My Uncle Kenny was on a commercial (Green Shirt).
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