With the hopes of securing continental sovereignty and the prosperity of peace, justice, liberty, and equality for all who seek it, do hereby establish the Constitution of the State of Bellinsgauzenia.

Article I: "Declaration of Rights"

Article II: "Legislature"

  • Supreme Soviet

Article III: "Executive"

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor

Article IV: "Judiciary"

Article V: "Suffrage and Elections"

  • Universal suffrage

Article VI: "Health, Education, and Welfare"

Article VII: "Natural Resources and Energy"

  • Allows "limited" use of fossil fueled machinery
  • Bans the excavation of fossil fuels in the state
  • Allows civil nuclear power under a controlled environment

Article VIII: "Science and Technology"

  • Secures the rights for scientists and scientific discovery within the state
  • Bans the use of human cloning for personal use or health benefits (The Island)

Article IX: "Environmentalism"

Article X: "Local Government"

  • Divides the state into seven oblasts

Article XI: "Finance and Taxation"

Article XII: "Initiative, Referendum, and Recall"

Article XIII: "General Provisions"

  • Border definition
  • Languages
  • Symbols

The official state motto of the State of Bellinsgauzenia shall be "The Midnight Sun State."

The official state anthem of the State of Bellinsgauzenia shall be an orchestral version of "The Patriotic Song" by Mikhail Glinka.

Article XIV: "Amendments"