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Art commissions

Doodle: $5

Just something simple that can be made in under 10 minutes. [1]

Inked: $15

A detailed drawing with clean and crisp lineart. Will not contain the rough lines in it. [2]


  • Color: +$10 [3]
  • Cel-shading: +$5 [4]
  • Additional characters: +$2


Main: Commissions/Atlases

All of my atlas related commissions will make you feel like you are looking at an authentic map in a school textbook or a magazine. I have worked on maps which are based on current events and alternative history. My primary tool is Inkscape, so all my maps are vector (.svg), but I can also export the images into a simple format (.png).

Art backlog

Here is a list of my art backlogs.

User Date Commissioned Description Notes
Teni Raen the Yadderevo CYOYC
AndromedaReject Ayrxessa Carmara'seth the Yad CYOYC
Muhny Sherri the Yad CYOYC
Kernac Yedelin the Yad CYOYC
blackmage20 Irryana Clawscape CYOYC
RocketIcon Muzgo the Yad CYOYC
Love-Hate 2009 May Vega and Deneb eating a random human male.
Foxby 2010 January 18 A lineart of Vega and Deneb interacting (or capturing) with Vixie and Ellen.

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