Autumn missed you
Full Name Reese Elizabeth Blitz
Gender Female
Age 25
Birthday October 22, 1987
Birthplace Allentown, Pennsylvania
Species Raichu
Hair Color Red
Fur Color Orange, White, Brown,
Eye Color Green
Height 1.67 m
Weight 65 kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation "Ho" (former)

Reese Elizabeth Blitz, better known as Autumn, is a female Raichu with a sick mind. Growing up with strict parents, Autumn grew up to be a pretty risqué character. For some time, she was a prostitute for her friend Pimperior, but once he has turned a new leaf, she also gave up that business.


Autumn was a single child growing up. She was raised by two strict parents who believed in moral codes to an extreme. Around the age of ten, she began to deviate from her parents' ideals and began to show an early interest in science and art. She reached puberty at the age of 12, and showed signs of lust that made her parents worry about her.


Autumn being attacked by a Yadderevo.

At the age of 17, she began to hang around with a close childhood friend. Now calling himself Pimperior, he began to pimp for his life. Feeling like she wanted excitement in her life, Autumn decided to become a prostitute for her friend. After two summers, Pimperior began to move away from pimping girls and moving onto some new things. It was around this time that Autumn decided to no longer whore herself. But the experiences she gained made her realize her true passion in life, and decided to do what makes her happy.



Being a Raichu, Autumn has all the abilities of electricity and agility.


Autumn is not afraid to show off her sexuality to anybody. She is not the type of person who will roll over for anybody, but a person who shows more interest in her body than most.


Autumn the Raichu Girl (final) - by kitsunechao

Autumn is very unusual person when it comes to vore, because she loves being vored and loves to vore herself. She loves the feeling of sliding down the throat of a large predator. If she ever comes across a micro character, she loves to play with them in many ways before eating them. But Autumn is often considered a hypocrite vore as well. She does not like to eat anybody who does not want to be, and she does not want to be eaten unless she will be released. Autumn also does not like to be hunted down and enslaved into being food.


Autumn and Kleptor

Autumn being eaten by Kleptor.

Like a normal Raichu pokémorph, she is orange in color. With a white patch across her belly (from her legs to her neck). Her hand and feet are brown in color, as well as her tail, the diamond-shaped stripes on her back, and her ears. Her ear lobs and the tip of her are yellow. The tip of the tail is a huge lightning bolt. Her hair is long and a shade of orange.

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